Salem was the first municipality in Sweden to implement G Suite for Business. In November 2010 Avalon Solutions helped them move employees and students from a Microsoft-based environment. Avalon Solutions has continued to work closely with Salem as a trusted adviser for cloud strategy and change management.

In 2010 Salem was faced with the choice of upgrading their existing solution, which would have been very costly, or move to a cloud based solution. After extensive evaluation of available solutions on the market, Salem municipality chose Google Apps. This was a step well aligned with their strategic decision to exchange existing on premise applications and services with innovative, cost efficient cloud based services by 2015.


“We are a modern municipality. Cloud computing and G Suite is an obvious choice. G Suite platform not only gives us a reliable and cost effective solution for standard functionality such as email and calendar, but also web-based tools that allows us to streamline and modernize the way we work”
Tony Söderlund, IT manager at Salem



Life for Salem with G Suite today


Today the solution has proved to exceed expectations. G Suite enables Salem municipality to collaborate in new ways, makes them more efficient and saves the organisation time and money.


By choosing a cloud based service that is easy to manage,  the IT department of Salem’s municipality can focus on developing and preparing the IT environment for the future. G Suite has given them the control needed to make strategic decisions.


And thanks to the new smart functionality and features that are added to G Suite all the time, the service continues to be modern and innovative. A perfect fit for a modern, young inhabitant municipality as Salem.


Wins for Salem with G Suite


  • Work as you live. Employees can access the same information from anywhere with any device. Same interface.
  • Better collaboration.
  • Access to web based tools that enables creativity and makes work easier.
  • File sharing made simple
  • No expensive upgrades or hardware
  • Pay as you use license model
  • Scaleable
  • Easy manageable
  • Administrative tools that helps IT department to stay in control
    More time for IT department to spend on core business: To keep up with challenges, and plan strategically for the future instead of spending time on operations.

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