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With Chromebook Google introduced a new kind of laptop: virus proof, fast, always up to date, and equipped with a long life battery machines that take full advantage of Google’s apps and collaboration tools.


All of it makes them perfect not only for private use, but most of all for business and schools.


With Chromebox for Meetings you can make Hangouts a completely new experience for your teams and business partners located in multiple locations, rooms big and small.

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are intuitive and easy to use, zero maintenance machines that can be easily shared among multiple users with no risk of personal data being accessed or deleted.

They are also super safe. Not only they are updating themselves automatically, so everything (including the virus protection) is always up-to-date but your files are stored in the cloud, so potential device damage or loss does not result in loosing your documents or photos.

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Chromebox for Meetings

Make meetings, and collaboration easier for your company with Chromebox for Meetings – a video conference system from Google.

Chromebox can replace or support your existing video conference system solution.While it is created by Google for G Suite it can also be used by organisations not using G Suite.


Find your own

Chromebooks come in different tech specs, designs and prices. What they have in common is no need for setup (just log in and start using them!), built-in and always up-to-date virus protection and long-life battery.

We’re a Google Cloud Premier Partner

Avalon Solutions is a premier Google Cloud partner and provide analysis, deployments and support of Google Cloud, as well as offer CSS, a high level support offering. We offer everything from pre-studies and work shops to change management and implementation. Are you ready to go Google?

Goocle Cloud Premier Partner
“Polygon is one of our customers that chose Chromebox for Meetings to make meetings and collaboration easier for their co-workers around the globe. I can tell you more about how companies use Chromebox for Meetings, for instance integrated with signage solutions. Send me an email, to start the discussion.”


– Ronald Haagensen, Business Development Director, Avalon Solutions

  • Ronald Haagensen
    Ronald Haagensen Business Development Director
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